Bryant Community Center
1999-2000 Science Club

Location: 3 Eden Court, south Ann Arbor [map]


Some Activities We Did
Gak/Polymers Egg Carton Gliders
Rocket Car Heart Rate/Lung Capacity
Tracing Bodies Cow Eye Dissection
Seasons Lemon Battery
Painting Leaves Static Electricity
Fruit Kabobs Rocket Pinwheels
Bottle Instruments/Sound Waves Silly Straw Gliders
Making No-Bake Peanut Butter Cookies

Comments from Participants

"I liked working with children because they 'tell it like it is.' It is interesting to see how we can learn from them as much as they learn from us." - Jonathon, LS&A undergrad, Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity member

photo "Some of these children live in homes with very unstable supervision and attention. I think that it's great that so many people are trying to help them realize their potential. The community center is a great place for them to go to get the attention and help that they need after school." - Robyn, LS&A undergrad, Psych 350 student
"Hearing some of the stories about the family conditions these kids come from made me realize and appreciate what I have." - Ben, CoE undergrad, Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity member
"It was great that the kids remembered me week to week. Also it was rewarding to see them settle down and have fun while learning.... They were always reluctant at first but usually took an interest about halfway through." - Robyn
"I have always thought it was important to help the less fortunate. This only affirms ... that it doesn't take too much to put a plan into action and make a difference." - Jonathon
"Kids were very creative with with the straw gliders. They experimented with different numbers and orientations of the loops and straws. Rather than teaching them about lift principles, it showed them how experimentation changes outcomes. They had contests to see which design would fly the fastest and furthest. Some were very good at keeping track of their results." - Debbie, CoE undergrad

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