Camp Discovery

Page 6: Vehicles

The student engineers at UM

design and race all kinds of

vehicles. We got to sit in some

of their test cars. Others, like

the solar-powered car, were

too delicate for us to try—

because they have to be so

lightweight, they can be

broken very easily.
SAE car
Michigan car Ford car
inside an ambulance The biggest vehicle we saw

close up was a Huron

Valley Ambulance, which

we got to go inside. The

Emergency Med Techs

told us about their

equipment and how you

can train for their jobs.
The smallest vehicles we saw were

the robotic ones at the Artificial

Intelligence Lab. Some are

remote-controlled, but others have

computers and go where their

programming tells them to

without anyone directing them.
robot car
Not all the vehicles being made at UM have wheels. We also toured the Aerospace Lab

and went inside a wind tunnel where planes and cars are tested while being designed.
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