Camp Discovery

Page 8: Waves

in the Wave Field We investigated all kinds of waves,

starting with the grassy ones at the

Wavefield, an artistic earthwork at

the Aerospace building designed by

Maya Lin, who is famous for her

design of the Vietnam Veteran's

Memorial in Washington DC.
playing in the creek standing inside a huge bell
Besides water waves, we got close-up

experience with sound waves at one of

UM's bell towers—now that is what we

call a bell! We spoke with the carillonist

while she performed, banging her fists

on the wooden levers that ring the bells.

This is the reflecting

pool at the College

of Engineering.
reflecting pool
tow tank Another day, we visited the

Tow Tank at the Marine

Hydrodynamics Lab, where

ship designs are tested.

Tow Tank photo is the property of the
U. of Michigan, Dept. of Naval
Architecture and Marine Engineering.
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