Career Information by Job Category


1. Executive, Administrative, Managerial Occupations

  Accountants & Auditors

  Administrative Services Managers

  Budget Analysts

  Construction and Building Inspectors

  Construction Managers

  Cost Estimators

  Education Administrators

  Employment Interviewers

  Engineering, Science, & Data Processing Managers

  Financial Managers

  Funeral Directors

  General Managers and Top Executives

  Government Chief Executives and Legislators

  Health Services Managers

  Hotel Managers & Assistants

  Industrial Production Managers

  Inspectors & Compliance Officers, except construction

  Loan Officers & Counselors

  Management Analysts & Consultants

  Marketing, Advertising, & Public Relations Managers

  Personnel, Training, & Labor Relations Specialists & Managers

  Property & Real Estate Managers

  Purchasers & Buyers

  Restaurant & Food Service Managers


  Other Occupational Categories:
1. Executive, Administrative, Managerial Occupations
2. Professional Specialty Occupations
3. Technicians and Related Support Occupations
4. Marketing and Sales Occupations
5. Administrative Support Occupations, including Clerical
6. Service Occupations
7. Agriculture, Forestry, Fishing, & Related Occupations
8. Mechanics, Installers, & Repairers
9. Construction Trades Occupations
10. Production Occupations
11. Transportation and Material-Moving Occupations
12. Handlers, Equipment Cleaners, Helpers, & Laborers
13. Job Opportunities in the Armed Forces


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