Reach Out! 12/98 Progress Report:
Appendix C: Outreach Sites from Fall 1997 through Fall 1998

These charts give breakdowns suggesting who our 147 science club volunteers were and where they came from. They have been primarily undergraduate students, largely from the College of Literature, Science and the Arts, with significant representation from the College of Engineering, as well as a smattering of volunteers from 4 other schools. At least 41% were minorities and 56% were women.

Chapelle Elementary School, Ypsilanti: Mentoring (224 volunteers)
Science Day
George Elementary School, Ypsilanti: 5 Science Clubs now, 3 last year
Community Church of God Opportunity
  Center, Ypsilanti:
Secondary and 5 Elementary Science Clubs
Computer Literacy Activities
Pioneer High School, Ann Arbor: Mentoring
Guided Career Exploration
Slauson Middle School, Ann Arbor: Guided Career Exploration
Peace Neighborhood Center, Ann Arbor: Fall, Winter, and Summer Science Clubs
North Maple Estates, Ann Arbor: Community Impact Science Club

I. Anecdotal Report
  A. Grace Kim
  B. Alicia Pinderhughes
  C. Debbie McCartney
  D. Marie Tripp, Jim Birnby & Amy Raudenbush, Aarti Raheja
  E. Yamina Acebo, Karyl Shand
  F. Roselle Herrera, John Nees, Fritz Weihe, Andy Rundquist, Reulonda Norman
  G. Cherita Hunter, Faye Booker-Logan
  H. Veronica Cottingham, Doris Calvert
  I. Erika Arias, Rachel Keefer, Srinivas Sridhara
II. Traditional Report
  A. Expand established programs
    1. Tutoring
    2. Wizards for Hands-On Science Activities
    3. Career Exploration
  B. Support for Michigan Mandate and Agenda for Women Goals
  C. Lessons Learned
  D. Next Steps
Appendix A: Volunteer Mentors from Fall 1997 through Fall 1998
Appendix B: Science Club Volunteers from Fall 1997 through Fall 1998
Appendix C: Outreach Sites from Fall 1997 through Fall 1998

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