Final CUOS K–12 Education Outreach Program Report, March 2002

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VI. Appendices

We’ve run out of time!

We had, of course, planned to update the following lists, which we think impart better than most data just how real and broad-based our partnerships have been. Having spent months on writing proposals and searching for new sponsorship after the end of the CUOS STC, however, we have not yet been able to do so.

    We are officially laid off March 21, 2002, although e-mail and voice mail will continue for an indeterminate span of time. The Reach Out! student organization will continue at UM. Those of us who have been outreach employees will continue to help run programs through the end of the semester or school year, as appropriate, working from our homes.

    We still hope to update our Web site—including these lists. If/when these generous accommodations by the university must end, please look for us at and contact us by e-mail.

Appendix G. Coalition Partners List

We will update what’s on line here as we find the time.

Appendix H. Volunteers List

We will update what’s on line here, here, and here when we can.

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