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Who We Are: RO! Auxiliary

This Auxiliary page is where we will be posting the staff who support Reach Out! efforts; the volunteers from UM and other organizations (such as our faithful Kiwanis career mentors and the community folk who provide our career fairs); and the “wizards” who bring activities and demonstrations to our clubs.
photo of Jerry photo of Gene photo of mike
Jerry McMahon
Kiwanis Career Mentor; Career Fair presenter
Gene Parola
Past Kiwanis Career Mentor Coordinator
Mike Conboy
Serendipity Reading Clubs;
Camp Discovery ’99, ’00, ’01
photo of John photo of Burt photo of Si
John Bassett
College Application
Essay Coach
Burt Lamkin
Kiwanis Career Mentor,
Career Fair presenter
Si Eaglin
Kiwanis Career Mentor
photo of Jerry H. photo of Lynne photo of Kathy
Jerry Hartweg
Kiwanis Career Mentor
Lynne Lande
Kiwanis Career Mentor
Kathy Barden-Perlberg
Kiwanis Career Mentor
photo of Dick photo of Leticia photo of Clare
Dick Bignall
Kiwanis Career Mentor
Leticia Byrd
Kiwanis Career Mentor
Clare Dukes
Kiwanis Career Mentor
photo of Sally photo of Peter Kiwanis Career Mentors with photos to come:

  Wes Colmery
  Ramona Hicks
  Don McEwen
  Tom McFadden
Sally Kelley
Kiwanis Career Mentor
Peter Schork
Kiwanis Career Mentor
photo of Greg photo of John photo of Herb
Greg Spooner
Science Club demos
John Nees
Science Club demos
Herbert Winful
Mentor to Science Wizards
photo of Doris photo of Susie photo of Gerard
Doris Calvert
Past elementary & secondary site coordinator; Career Fair organizer
Susie Shoemaker
Past Pontiac Community Coordinator; Youth Task Force organizer
Gérard Mourou
Past academic mentor

Many others yet to come!

Current Members

Past Members

  under construction   This page is a work in progress, as are the links to more
 information about each person. Please visit again soon!
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