Peace Neighborhood Center Science Club


We meet on Wednesday evenings from 5:00-6:00.


1111 Maple Road, Ann Arbor (north of Dexter Avenue and south of Miller Avenue) [map]
AATA bus routes 12 A, B, and U stop nearby, but we usually carpool.


Want to join us? Contact Stephanie Steele at or leave her a message on the Reach out! phone: 734-647-0764.


It is important that you make an 8-week commitment so that you can really establish relationships with the kids.

What We Do

We spend time every week with elementary school kids doing fun, hands-on science activities and helping with homework. You don't have to be a science genius to help out—we'll give you a copy of the lesson and the basic facts and information. We want kids to realize that (1) they are capable of learning science, (2) science is fun, and (3) science is everywhere (in the food they eat, the weather, etc.) But, most importantly, we are spending time with the kids—paying attention to them, caring about them, and giving them good role models to look up to. As crazy as it can get, spending an hour each week making a mess is actually quite a good stress reliever!

Some Activities We've Done


Rocket Car

No-Bake PB Cookies

Outrageous Ooze

Pumpkin Carving

Making an Anemometer

Making Applesauce

Making Paint


Comments from Participants

"It taught me that community centers do have an important role in many children's lives. I learned that some of the smallest things you do can impact a child's life in an important way." - Marissa, Division of Kinesiology undergrad

"I liked helping the kids with their homework, because the kids look up to you and it kind of feels good to be someone they can look up to." - Marissa
"I feel that I have learned that children are very needy of attention and support. It was really a fulfilling experience to give them what I could." - Jennifer, LS&A undergrad
"It really helped me out personally to help a child, someone younger than I, and it made me feel good doing it. It was a relief to get with people OUTSIDE of campus life." - Jessica, LS&A and School of Music undergrad
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