Job Shadowing Opportunities by Category


Last updated 29 Sep 05

1. Executive, Administrative, Managerial Occupations

Information on Job Category Specific Shadowing Opportunities
Accountants & auditors  
Administrative services managers  
Budget analysts  
Construction & building inspectors  
Construction managers  
Cost estimators  
Education administrators David Artis - Director of Academic Services, Ann Arbor
Burt Lamkin - School Principal, Ann Arbor
Sally Lamkin - Preschool Administrator, Ann Arbor
Don MacQuarrie - School Principal, Pontiac
Employment interviewers  
Engineering, science, and computer systems managers Jeff Kopmanis - Computer Systems Project Coordinator, Ann Arbor
George Myers - Medical Research Project Coordinator, Ann Arbor
Farm operators & managers  
Financial managers Charlie J. Harrison - Financial Planner, Pontiac
Funeral directors  
General managers & top executives Ken Ahearn - Service Manager, Golfside Shell, Ypsilanti
Clarissa Cayton-Grigsby - Cable Television Administrator, Pontiac
Matthew Heumann - Park Manager, Ann Arbor
Tracy Ross - Non-Profit Organization Manager, Southfield
Gary Sobbry - Owner, Sobbrey's Towing, Ypsilanti
Claudia Williams - Owner, Untamed Tan, Ypsilanti
Government chief executives & legislators Brenda Causey-Mitchell - Oakland County Commissioner, Pontiac
Everett Seay - City Councilman, Pontiac
Health services managers  
Hotel managers & assistants  
Human resources managers  
Industrial production managers  
Inspectors & compliance officers, except construction  
Insurance underwriters  
Loan officers & counselors  
Management analysts & consultants  
Marketing, advertising, & public relations managers  
Property managers Willie Martinez - Community Center Supervisor, Pontiac
Art Stauch - Cooperative Manager
Todd Wiley - Property Manager, Pontiac
Purchasers & buyers  
Restaurant & food service managers  


2. Professional and Technical Occupations

Information on Job Category Specific Shadowing Opportunities
Air transportation–related occupations
Aircraft pilots Burt Lamkin - Pilot, Flight Instructor,
Ann Arbor
Air traffic controllers  

Engineers and engineering technicians
Aerospace engineers  
Chemical engineers  
Civil engineers  
Electrical and electronics engineers  
Industrial engineers  
Mechanical engineers  
Metallurgical, ceramic, & materials engineers  
Mining engineers  
Nuclear engineers  
Petroleum engineers  
Other, or combination, kinds of engineers Tim Vandekerckhove - Engineering & Other Utilities Careers, N. Oakland County
Engineering technicians  

Architects & surveyors
Landscape architects Matthew Heumann - Interpretive Naturalist,
Landscape Architect
, Ann Arbor
Surveyors & mapping scientists  

Computer, mathematical, & operations research occupations
Computer programmers  
Computer scientists, computer engineers, & systems analysts Jeff Kopmanis - Computer Systems Project Coordinator, Ann Arbor
Operations research analysts  

Life scientists
Agricultural scientists  
Biological and medical scientists George Myers - Medical Research Investigator, Ann Arbor
Foresters & conservation scientists Matthew Heumann - Interpretive Naturalist, Park Manager, Ann Arbor

Physical scientists
Geologists & geophysicists  
Physicists & astronomers John Nees - Scientist, Physicist, Ann Arbor

Lawyers & judges  

Social scientists & urban planners
Economists & marketing research analysts  
Urban and regional planners  

Social & recreation workers
Human services workers  
Recreation workers  
Social workers Lynne Lande - Social Worker, Ann Arbor
Willie Martinez - Community Center Supervisor, Pontiac


Teachers, librarians, & counselors
Adult education teachers  
Archivists & curators  
College & university faculty  
Counselors David Artis - Director of Academic Services, Ann Arbor

Librarians Diane Hightower - School Media Specialist, Pontiac
School teachers (preK-12) Traci Bastuba - Elementary Teacher, Pontiac
Sally Lamkin - Preschool Teacher, Ann Arbor
Marcy Ott - High School English Teacher, Chelsea
Special education teachers Marcy Ott - Special Ed. Teacher, Chelsea
Trainers Richard Odden - Defense Logistics Analyst & Training Specialist, Battle Creek

Health diagnosing practitioners
Dentists Raymond Maturo - Pediatric Dentist, Ann Arbor
Optometrists Terry Kang - Optometrist, Ann Arbor

Health assessment & treating occupations
Dieticians & nutritionists  
Occupational therapists  
Physical therapists  
Physician assistants  
Recreational therapists  
Registered nurses Mary Ann Hayes - Pediatric Orthopedics Nurse Specialist, Ann Arbor
Respiratory therapists  
Speech-language pathologists & audiologists  

Communications occupations
Public relations specialists Dale Leslie - Marketing Director, Ann Arbor Area Chamber of Commerce
Radio & television announcers and newscasters  
Reporters & correspondents  
Writers & editors  

Visual arts occupations
Photographers & camera operators  
Visual artists Norma Penchansky-Glasser - Sculptor, Ann Arbor
Danny Whitfield - Artist, Pontiac

Performing arts occupations
Actors, directors, & producers  
Dancers & choreographers  


Other Occupational Categories        
 1. Executive, Administrative, Managerial Occupations
 2. Professional Specialty Occupations
 3. Technicians and Related Support Occupations
 4. Marketing and Sales Occupations
 5. Administrative Support Occupations, including Clerical
 6. Service Occupations
 7. Agriculture, Forestry, Fishing, and Related Occupations
 8. Mechanics, Installers, and Repairers
 9. Construction Trades Occupations
10. Production Occupations
11. Transportation and Material-Moving Occupations
12. Handlers, Equipment Cleaners, Helpers, and Laborers
13. Job Opportunities in the Armed Forces


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